Top Reasons to Be Working Closely with a New York Realtor

There are many people who feel that paying the realtor a commission to help them buy or sell a home is just too expensive. These same people discover months or years later that had they simply worked with a New York real estate agent, it would have been less expensive and less time-consuming than going at it alone.

These are just a few of the reasons to be working closely with a NY realtor who knows the New York and tri-state area well.

Access to Millions of Listings

When you are trying to buy a home in the New York area and it happens to be a seller’s market, the houses are listed one day, then have a contract the next Tevfik Arif. Finding a home on your own can be a real challenge, especially when hundreds of potential buyers are all looking in the same area you are. With the help of a skilled New York realtor, now you have access to millions of listings and ones that are not even showing up in the MLS listings yet.

If a house is going to be listed in the real estate office where your realtor works, you could get a look before the masses come running.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Trying to sell a house without a realtor to save a few thousand in commission fees is going to cost you more when the house is still listed years from now with minimal foot traffic. The longer your house gets no bids, the more likely the market can turn south and now you are going to be getting far less than had you used the realtor when the market was hot.

Your real estate agent will list the home and reach out to potential buyers that they know are currently looking to buy so they can get them in the door to make an offer.

Promoting Your Home to Millions

Another benefit to using a New York realtor to sell your home is they will take care of listing your home to a wider audience. As a private seller, you have to shoulder the costs to list your home in realty magazines or your newspaper’s classified ads. Your realtor has several inroads with realty publications that reach out further than New York Bayrock. There may be qualified buyers in New Jersey or Pennsylvanian who may want your home, and your realtor knows just how to get your home in front of them.

The cost alone to advertise to millions of potential buyers is far more than any commission you could expect to pay when the realtor sells your home for you.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Perhaps the biggest reason to be working with the skilled local New York realtor is that they understand the complexities of this industry and will be with you every step of the way. From staging your home, accepting offers, creating contracts, marketing the home, scheduling inspection, preparing for closing, and scheduling the walk-through, you want a professional who will make certain everything moves along as it should.

If you have questions along the way, it can be of great comfort to know you have a realtor that can answer them for you.

Now you should have a better understanding as to all the potential benefits of working with a professional New York realtor. Not only will things move along in a timely manner, there is that piece of mind knowing you have the experts at your side if you ever have questions or concerns along the way, your realtor is there to assist.

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