Luxury DC Apartments with Real Jacuzzi Tubs in the Bathrooms

Moving to the Beltway area was a little weird for me. I was used to very small towns. Of which, many of them were so small they did not even have a traffic light in any of them. I would commute to the city, but I preferred rural or suburban living. Now my wife and I found ourselves searching for apartments for Washington DC that were luxurious and packed with enjoyable amenities. Out of all the places we looked at, we liked Westbrooke Place the best.

The kitchen caught my attention first. It has a stone and glass backsplash. The countertops are granite, and the appliances are stainless steel. Even the doors on the finely crafted wood cabinets and the drawers are of the soft-close type. You cannot slam them if you try, and that is a great thing to have with teenagers around who sometimes do before they think rather than thinking before they do.

The pet policy just fit us as our dog Bella is right at 75 pounds. She is not big to us. We have had her since she was a puppy, and she will always be our puppy girl. She really likes the Francis Dog Park that is really close by. We take a walk over to it practically every single day. The restaurants here at Dupont Circle and Georgetown are absolutely incredible. You can have pretty much any type of dining experience that you desire.

When I saw the master bathroom of our new apartment, I noticed there is a Jacuzzi tub. That is a really nice touch to have, and I use it every day to relax in. My wife and I had to work out a schedule for relaxing tub time. She has the candles and likes to read. I just like hot water and the soothing Jacuzzi jets.

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