I Really Got a Big Break

In fact my old job was about to vanish into thin air when I got this phone call. It was a huge stroke of luck. I had worked with the guy about five or six years ago, when I was straight out of Cal Tech. At any rate he had an ulterior motive, because the guy that used to have this job had also been his roommate. He was living in this luxury apartments in Mission Viejo, not that far from the beach in this really beautiful neighborhood. At any rate I was happy as I could be to get the job offer. So the next day I took the day off from my job and drove down there to do the interview. When I got there I was really knocked out by the woman who interviewed me. If she had not been the boss I do not think it would have been appropriate for her to dress the way that she did. I got the feeling that she was disappointed, and I asked her if Jack had been playing games with her.

Of course Jack is an enormous prankster and he does not seem to worry much if you are his boss. It turned out that he had built me up to be something a bit larger than life, something like a cross between George Clooney and Stephen Hawking, if Stephen Hawking were an IT specialist. I look a bit like Clooney if the light is just right, but it rarely is. At any rate she gave me the job because they were really desperate and because I was qualified with a good reference. I am still in the process of moving in with Jack, although that is a little more of an adventure than I would really like.

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