I Moved in with One of My Classmates

I did my homework this time, and the two of us got pretty lucky because he knew this other guy. Without the three of us this plan would not have been a very practical idea. Obviously you save money by getting a two bedroom place and sharing the cost, this idea works even better with three roommates. In fact we found some nice apartments in Oceanside CA that are not really that close to the campus, but they are close to the beach. It is an easy bike ride to the beach, and of course I love to surf. It is really great because I met a whole group of girls who get up early and go surfing here almost every morning. Three of them live in the same complex as me, which is called Capella at Rancho del Oro. It seems as though I am doing pretty well with one of them, although I am not really pushing things.

The guy my friend knows has already graduated and he has a degree in Computer Science and a good job, so we are not expecting that he is going to stick around that long. This would not work without him or some other guy, the two of us are not going to have enough money to split the cost of this place or even to stay here in a two bedroom place. However the guy with the money is the one with his name on the lease. We managed to get out of that, so that if it goes bad we will not really be on the hook. The two of us could walk away really easily, but I would hate that. There is always a party going on some place and we are meeting all sorts of girls when we go to the pool.

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