I Have Been Working All Day

In fact it should not have taken that long, but the truck driver and I spent a good deal of time in traffic, just like any other day in Singapore. Then we had some issues with the finding of the www.parclife.net, everything out there is new and I have not really been there before. The driver said that he knew where it was, but he was on the wrong side of the reservoir and even though we could see the buildings, that did not mean that we could figure out how to get there. We asked this old guy we ran into, but he did not really give us very helpful directions. So we were about three quarters of an hour just wasting time and then when we got there the cart that we intended to use was not in a working condition. We looked at it for a long time trying to figure out a way to get the wheel back on it, but the fastener was missing and it was useless without it.

We really needed that cart, because we had a whole bunch of boxes that needed to go from the truck to the 10th floor of a 15 floor building. Since the stuff in the boxes belonged to the daughter of the boss, we were not really eager to stack it up outside of the elevator. There were all sorts of workers still finishing the work on the building, doing all of the trim work. It was pretty obvious that if you left things laying around it may not stay where you put it. We had one handtruck and so we could take about four or five boxes on it. I figured the thing to do was to have one person guard the boxes while the other went back for a new load.

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